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Efrivo is a professional networking service. The site enables friends, former classmates and work colleagues around the world to maintain and expand their professional links.

Efrivo provides a platform for trusted friends to help each other out with information about valuable contacts, networks and services. Efrivo members create unlimited networks of trusted friends from which to seek expertise and support when faced with difficult situations. The site focuses on jobs, career guidance and allows its members (individual or corporate) to showcase their services to a global audience.

Members create a single web profile for access by people in the various discrete clusters and relationships. The profiles, with personalised URLs, are accessible on the internet. Hence, members can belong to as many networks as they wish with little extra administrative effort. Efrivo members decide and control the amount of access to their information they grant to close friends and the general public.

By providing access to a global network of professionals, Efrivo elevates its members to considerably higher positions in work and business aspirations.
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